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Igreja da Misericórdia

Main Façade



Santa Casa da Misericórdia Chuch has a plant composed of transverse nave and chancel, consisting of portal windows and round arch surmounted by pediment interrupted by the image of the Virgin Adored taking the old hospital, with three floors facades richly decorated, establishing the transition from Mannerism to the Baroque.

Outside, the church reveals a certain coldness and sobriety proper of the Mannerism.

The interior shows great wealth, combining Baroque decorative blue tiles on a white background, with gilded altars. The coating tile representing the Obras da Misericórdia (Works of Mercy) is part of the designated "Cycle of the Masters" from which the altarpiece with tribune stands out. It has high choir on arch-wing basket and pulpits.

The painting of the navel ceiling follows the model of the time, creating a certain heavenly effect with scenes alluding to the Virgin in medallions.