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Capela das Malheiras

Main Façade



Malheiras Chapel, name by which the chapel built by D. Frei António do Desterro Malheiro Reimão, Bishop of Rio de Janeiro became known, was dedicated to St. Francisco de Paula and built according to the guidelines he sent from Brazil. The interior has a single altar in beautiful rococo carving. The facade is noteworthy, by repeating the granite grounds of algae, lichens, that inside were carved in wood.

The mansion was increased in 1823. Last work directed by the Commander of Malta, Frei Carvalho.

Thus was born this noble House, considered by many to be the finest and most monumental city Palace, serving not only the breadth and elegance of the architectural lines of the residence, but also the artistic decoration of the temple to form a harmonious whole.

The architectural ensemble, in particular the front, is worthy of careful observation: subtle cut and fanciful naturalist ornaments, somewhat rocaille by lush foliage.